Sunday, September 25, 2016

Upcoming Week of Sept. 26

Week of September 26:

We have a very busy week ahead of us with lots of special activities planned.  As always during the week it is the expectation of all students to read at least 20 minutes per night and record what they have read on the reading log.  This log should be passed in daily as it will become a resource to record students expected 25 books read per school year.  Most students are becoming responsible about handing this in, but others are needing reminders, so I ask parents to help out with getting your child in a good routine that we will follow throughout the year.

Wednesday will be our Fall Hike Day and papers have gone home with a checklist of items students should bring to school.

Thursday is the rescheduled Picture Day.  Reminder; money and envelopes were returned to students, so check backpacks if you did not receive them back.

Friday is the annual cardboard challenge and Ag Day.  Special events are planned throughout the day and students will have opportunities to share their creations as well as try out other students' masterpieces. Let's hope for nice weather!

Fourth graders are continuing to work on mastery of multiplication facts.  Many students have mastered their two's times tables and are currently working on their threes.  There are lots of YouTube videos available to help students learn these facts through movement and song. Any extra practice at home will help anchor their memorization of these crucial skills. In the classroom we are also using bal-a-vis-x balls to bounce and recite to a rhythm.  Students can do this at home also using a ball that can bounce.

In Science this week we will explore making giant bubbles and testing three different bubble solutions to determine which one makes the longest lasting bubbles.  We will investigate the variables of the recipes and share ideas about what ingredients make the solutions better than others.

Each week I will include more pics of students working/discovering here at Rochester School.  Have a great week everyone!


Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16, 2016

September 16, 2016

We have had a very busy week in 4th grade.  Students have received laptop computers that they will use in the classroom, but will not be bringing home.  They are using a new vocabulary program called WordlyWise that is all online and allows me to see their progress and areas of struggle. They can only move forward in the program when they answer the questions with proficiency which forces them to truly do the work and gain understanding.

In science we have been learning about the behavior of bubbles; how they respond to dry surfaces, the causes that make them pop, and ways to extend the life of a bubble. Ask your child about bubbles and listen to their newly gained knowledge about bubble-ology! Below are some pictures of students created their largest bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles, and creative bubble structures.