Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Week of April 10

The fourth graders have had exciting events happening over the past several weeks.  We have planted flowers and are tending to their growth, have learned how to program and run our new robots (new to us, but were donated by the Starbase program) and have been busy with preparation for the SBAC testing.  We will finish up testing tomorrow for the most part except for a few students who need to make up tests that they missed.

I am including pictures below of our exciting trip to the Hulbert Ropes Course.  Students were challenged and pushed themselves to meet the challenges they were faced with on the course.  The course was made a bit more challenging by the cold temperatures and the sleet and rain we experienced while on the course. Below are pictures taken while on the course.  The fifth grade also participated with us this year as they did not attend last year.

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