Monday, October 17, 2016

Week of October 17

Students will be assessed this week in our district assessment called Star 360 to get a baseline score for this school year.  They will be assessed each trimester in both reading and math in order to track their progress.  In our Leveled Literacy Reading Program, students are regularly assessed to check comprehension, fluency, and accuracy.  Star 360 provides specific skill areas that need attention for individual students.  The results of both of these assessments will appear on their report cards in November.

Last week we created 3 different bubble recipes and students had the opportunity to test each of them to see which bubble concoction created the largest bubbles.  We are in the process of collecting all our data and creating graphs in order to interpret our results.  Fourth graders will be using Microsoft Excel to add their data to a spreadsheet then learn how to transform it into a bar graph.

We are continuing to work on developing our sense of community and working together.  Some days are more challenging than others, as several of us need to learn to manage our own behavior rather than keeping track of others and all that they may or may not be doing.

Progress is being made in learning our times tables, but I ask all families to please help your child learn these facts as it will be crucial and beneficial in moving them forward in math.

Below are a few pics of our most recent bubble adventures.



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